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3月 15 '12

[If I don’t have a magnum like GACKT, can I still satisfy girls?]

G: Hey, hey, hey, don’t say half-assed stuff like that. If you’re a man, you use everything you’ve got. You’ve got fingers and everything, don’t you? Do everything you can, and if that’s no good, then we can discuss it.

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    There were TONS of people who hated the cover with the woman on it, & thought it was ‘disgusting’ & there were some that...
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    Most of these fans would go bananas if it was Gackt’s ass instead of belonging to a random woman I believe…
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    wait, people had problems with THAT cover? Not the other one? wtf? Were these people fans? Maybe i’m just a little...
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    ooh mr camui ooh
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    shhh Gackt is doing the lord’s work
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    gackt pls pls gackt
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    holyfuck i love this man
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    oh god gackt. i love you.
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    WHAT IS THIS Gakuto-kun Love Advices or something /dies